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Contego Home Shield Professional Choice

Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Block

  • ➤PROFESSIONAL CHOICE – Ready to use rat/mice bait which is easy to use by installing in our tamper resistant bait stations. Giving you fast and easy setup with guaranteed results
  • ➤HIGH QUALITY – Rat and Mouse bait that gives off a sweet scent to immediately attract rodents
  • ➤ HOME USE APPROVED – Our blocks have a highly bitter taste to help prevent consumption from pets, children etc.
  • ➤TRIED/TESTED/TRUSTED – Our rat and mice blocks can be used in all weather conditions and will still perform and guarantee results
(7 customer reviews)


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Contego Home Shield blocks are a ready-for-use bait formulated using high quality ingredients.

Ready to use bait for the control of mice and rats in and around buildings.Can be used in a wide range of areas including kitchens, attics and gardens (bait station required).

Contego Home Shield wax blocks are highly tolerant to humidity and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Rat Blocks are the first choice for most professional operators as they can be used within damp environments such as sewers, cellars and external bait station

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Qty Required for Control?

The amount of bait required to control an rat or mouse infestation will vary depending on the size of the population

As a rough rule we recommend a minimum of 90-100g per bait station to control a standard rat infestation and 20-30g per bait station for a mouse infestation.

  • Every pack contains 300g
  • Blocks weigh approx 30g (10 per 300g pack)
  • Approved for use indoors and outdoor around buildings
  • Contains: Difenacoum 0.0025% w/w
  • The blocks have a hole through the centre that allows them to be securely fixed in a bait station
  • Can be used by professional and non-professional customers
  • Controls both mice & rats
  • It is important to follow the instructions and statutory guidelines on the rear of the packet at all times


Rodent Bait Station Required

Due to recent changes in rodenticide regulations all non-professional operators must use a tamper-resistant bait station when using rodenticide for rats and mice – this is a condition for all UK & EU registered products. This listing does not include this bait station.


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Difenacoum is an anticoagulant rodenticide also known as super-warfarin for its added potency and control over rats and mice. This type of bait is considered multi-feed which is the recommended treatment procedure for long-term and total population control. Difenacoum is generally considered the main active ingredient for professional operators.

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Professional Choice






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7 reviews for Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Block

  1. Ramone

    will buy again if needed

  2. Carol Berry

    Easy to use no mess and hopefully good results

  3. Brian

    Kill Mr Rat.

  4. Penny

    Great value and delivered on time , thankyou!

  5. Amber Dean

    I was buying a Ruby Block from my local feed store, but it’s about £10 more for the same quantity.

    Because this is a low impact poison (meaning it is safer around other pets) the rats need to eat a lot/repeated doses to be effective. I was sporadic putting it out to start, which I think cost money in the long run.

    I would say put x amount out at a time (In in end I put 10 blocks at a time) and monitor how quickly it is taken. As soon as it is gone, put more out, and decrease the quantity offered as it is taken slower.

    Mine were in the garage, so I could put them in there and shut the door, although I have since bought the safe boxes so it can be distributed in other places

    Watching the rats die is not a nice experience and I did feel bad that they were suffering, but rats have destroyed the contents of my garage with their chewing and urine.
    A single mouse, brought into the kitchen alive by my cat, has chewed through the wire to the boiler, the lead to the washing machine and the cold water feed pipe to the washing machine, causing the whole over the downstairs to flood overnight.

    This is a necessary evil and does the trick but you need to be consistent.

  6. Sue Smithson

    we have a very old property with nooks and crannies that mice love.
    The mice are all now RIP

  7. Jackson A

    I’m sure I read somewhere in the product description it ‘G’tees’ to get rid of our furry friends with 1 pack or treatment. However due to the rate our furry friends were enjoying the lunch provided from the product and disappearing daily, I ordered another 2 packs.

    Pleased to report when the second delivery arrived and I put some more breakfast and lunch down for our furry friends, they have not been touched, which would suggest to me it’s defo ‘lights out’ after one pack.

    I would definitely highly recommend this product 5 Stars.

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