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Contego Home Shield Professional Choice

Rat Killer Kit

  • ➤PROFESSIONAL CHOICE – Ready to use rat/mice bait which is easy to use by installing in our tamper resistant bait stations. Giving you fast and easy setup with guaranteed results
  • ➤HIGH QUALITY – Rat and Mouse bait that gives off a sweet scent to immediately attract rodents
  • ➤ HOME USE APPROVED – Our grain have a highly bitter taste to help prevent consumption from pets, children etc.
  • ➤TRIED/TESTED/TRUSTED – Our rat and mice grain can be used in all weather conditions and will still perform and guarantee results
  • ➤EASY LOCK FUNCTION – Our boxes are tamper resistant meaning theres no chance of pets or children get their hands on the bait inside


Our Technician will come and set up your product, show you how to use and monitor it and also help prevent further pest problems.

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Contego Rat & Mouse Bait Station

Using this product should resolve the issue in 35 days.

Check the bait station every 2-3 days for mice or 5-7 days for rats, at the beginning of treatment to check if the bait has been accepted, the bait station is intact and to remove rodent bodies

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2 Boxes & 4 x 150g Grain, 2 x Boxes & 1 x 150g Grain, 2 x Boxes & 2 x 150g Grain, 4 Boxes & 2 x 150g Grain, 4 Boxes & 4 x 150g Grain, 4 x Boxes & 6 x 150g Grain, 6 x Boxes & 2 x 150g Grain, 6 x Boxes & 4 x 150g Grain, 6 x Boxes & 6 x 150g Grain


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